Data Backup Checklist

These days we use computers in every aspect of life, including personal and business. The trust we put in them is massive. But computers aren’t faultless. They can die in a number of ways and your data can pass with them unless you take the necessary precautions.

Most of the time businesses that backup their data on a regular basis have already experienced a major loss of files and information. The trauma of losing this important data has in affect taught them a lesson to be prepared for any future disasters.

To make sure you don’t fall victim to major data loss here is a simple checklist to follow.

1. Include backup into your routine
To have an effective backup strategy you need to include backup in your routine. It could be something you do during your lunch or could be the last thing you do before you leave the office. If it is your own crucial data make sure you back it up yourself. Do not rely on anyone else to do this for you.
2. Adapt your strategy to match your needs
To establish the best schedule for your backup you need to know how often your data changes. If your data changes on a weekly basis a daily backup will be too much. If your backup changes every hour you may want to backup a few times a day.
3. Test your backup
Don't rely on your backup software to run without any problems. Regularly test your backup by attempting to restore the backup to an alternate location. A lot of backup applications also have logs or reports so you can check if there are any problems with the backup.
4. Multiple backups
Copying your important data on to an external hard drive isn't in itself an acceptable backup strategy. The fact is you need multiple copies of your data to make it a satisfactory backup strategy (3 copies is usually enough). It is essential you keep these backups in different locations to protect your data from natural disasters. An online backup service is a great method of making sure your data is safe from any catastrophes.
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