How Managed Offsite Back-Ups Work
rpic14 Consultation 
We will consult with you to find out exactly what you need to backup. This enables us to accurately recommend the correct package for your business.


We offer an installation service whereby we will install the software onto your computers. This can either be done onsite or it can be done remotely. Either way, it will be done by a trained specialist.

The First Backup
The first backup will be the biggest one. During your first backup, all of your files & emails will be backed up from your computer to our backup servers. If you have a lot of files, we may recommend that we make an initial backup to a portable hard drive and we will manually send this to the backup server. All of the data is encrypted before it leaves your computer.

Subsequent Backups
After the first backup, the daily backup takes just a few minutes, and delivers an email report to you after every operation. Our managed backup, Diamond Data Backup, isn't just another web solution. We actively monitor our clients' backups on a weekly basis.

Even Our Backup Has Backup
All of your data is securely encrypted before it leaves your computers. It is then backed up to a primary backup server in Reading and from there it is backed up to servers in Edinburgh. Even our backup has a backup!

All of our managed backup servers are UK based, so they are ideal for any regulated industries which require you to store your information in the UK, for example, financial advisors, accountants and insurance companies.

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