Internet Access Pricing

All our packages offer unlimited downloads and have a static network address (ideal if you have a server in your office).

    Basic £28

    Standard £29

    Business £39

    Professional £109

  • Ideal for remote areas
  • 8mb download
  • 448kbps upload
  • 12x faster than Basic
  • Great for small offices
    (eg, up to 10 staff)
  • 24mbps download
  • 1.3mpbs upload
  • Ideal for larger offices
    (eg 10+ staff)
  • Great work working from home
  • 24mbps download
  • 2.5mb upload
  • Designed for larger
    businesses (eg 30 staff)
  • Ideal for multi-site companies
  • 48mbps download
  • 5mbps upload
  • Very few people sharing
    your line


Note: A setup fee applies to all services. Minimum contract length is 12 months. Actual speed dependent upon line quality and distance from telephone exchange. Other factors may affect performance. Download limits are subject to a fair use policy for Basic and Standard packages.

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