Internet Access
rpic16Let's face it, internet access is most likely as important to your business as power is.


Almost every business needs a reliable and fast broadband connection to keep their business running smoothly. Our broadband packages are the fastest in the market and offer unrivalled flexibility, reliability and support. 


Simple setup

Switching to us

If you already have an internet supplier, then switching to us is easy and has very little impact on your business. We'll simply take you through the following stems.

  1. Make a note of your telephone number
  2. Request the migration code (called a MAC code) from your existing supplier
  3. Order the broadband connection
  4. Your existing supplier will be informed automatically that they no longer need to supply your internet
  5. We'll be notified of a changeover date
  6. Your internet will continue to work unchanged and supplied by your existing supplier until the changeover date
  7. At some point during the changeover date, your internet supply will switch to us
  8. We'll come round to make a change to your internet router
  9. From now on, we supply your internet.


A new connection

Initiating a new internet connection is even easier.

We will follow this process:

  1. Make a note of your telephone number
  2. Order the broadband connection
  3. We'll be notified of a start date
  4. We'll come round on (or before) the start date to setup your internet router
  5. From now on, we supply your internet.



All our packages offer unlimited downloads and have a static network address (ideal if you have a server in your office).

Basic £28

Standard £29

Business £39

Professional £109

  • Ideal for remote areas
  • 8mb download
  • 448kbps upload
  • 12x faster than Basic
  • Great for small offices (eg, up to 10 staff)
  • 24mbps download
  • 1.3mpbs upload
  • Ideal for larger offices (eg 10+ staff)
  • Great work working from home
  • 24mbps download
  • 2.5mb upload
  • Designed for larger businesses (eg 30 staff)
  • Ideal for multi-site companies
  • 48mbps download
  • 5mbps upload
  • Very few people sharing your line


Note: A setup fee applies to all services. Minimum contract length is 12 months. Actual speed dependent upon line quality and distance from telephone exchange. Other factors may affect performance. Download limits are subject to a fair use policy for Basic and Standard packages.

Domain Names

Your domain name is your address on the internet. When you buy your domains through us, we take care of everything. The domain is registered in your company's (or your own) name and we take care of the setup.

When it comes to renewal, we'll make sure you get plenty of warning and renew it for you.

Website Hosting

Your website is your opportunity to tell the world what you do. Every company needs a website and you'll need somewhere to host that website where everyone can see it. That's what website hosting is. We cater for every size of website, from a complex ecommerce site to a simple brochure-ware website.

Plus, we can introduce you to excellent web designers.


Our hosting packages are unlimited, so you don't have to worry about the size of your website and emails.

Our servers are hosted in a secure data centre in the UK and are maintained and managed by a team of experts, also based in the UK.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Email forwards
  • Unlimited POP3 accounts
  • Unlimited download traffic
  • FTP access
  • phpMyAdmin


Linux Hosting £120 per year

Windows Hosting £120 per year

  1. Linux server
  2. PHP5
  3. mySQL database
  1. Windows 2008 server
  2. Optional MSSQL
  3. Optional ColdFusion
  4. ASP, ASP.NET 2.0 & 3.5

Secure SSL certificates can also be supplied optionally.

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